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DMD Europe Programme

Fast Forward Session

In the Fast Forward session all presenters will give a short pitch of 3 minutes supported by a single Powerpoint slide in the Senaatszaal. The duration of this session will be half an hour for about eight pitches. Five fast Forward Sessions are held.

Endovascular and Intraluminal Devices – Monday Oct 7th 10:30-11:00

Endovascular and Intraluminal Devices Presenter Begin time End time
Tip Actuated Guidewires and Catheters for Endovascular Interventions Under MRI Guidance Helene Clogenson 10:30:00 10:33:00
Intravascular Catheter for Photoacoustic Imaging of Coronary Atherosclerosis Gijs van Soest 10:34:00 10:37:00
Intravascular optical coherence tomography imaging at 3200 frames per second Tianshi Wang 10:38:00 10:41:00
Maneuvering devices inside the bloodvessels – guiding endovascular procedures by integration of navigation technology Geir Arne Tangen 10:42:00 10:45:00
FPGA based electromagnetic tracking system for fast catheter navigation Mengfei Li 10:46:00 10:49:00
Saving Twins: A Hemodynamic Model Of Fetoplacental Circulation For Validating New Laser Instruments Joost Akkermans 10:50:00 10:53:00
Optimization of a Shape Sensing Needle Kirsten Henken 10:54:00 10:57:00

Exoskeletons, Prostetic and Orthotic Devices – Monday Oct 7th 14:30-15:00

Exoskeletons, Prostetic and Orthotic Devices Presenter Begin time End time
A Novel Non-fusion Scoliosis Correction System Edsko Hekman 14:30:00 14:33:00
A New Osseointegrated Fixation Implant for Amputated Patients G. J. Verkerke 14:34:00 14:37:00
Attendant driving tactile interface for electric wheelchairs or trolleys Fernando Vidal-Verdú 14:38:00 14:41:00
Evaluation of an arm support with unrestricted trunk motion Gerard Dunning 14:42:00 14:45:00
Evaluation of EMG, Force and Joystick as Control Interfaces for Active Upper-Extremity Movement-Assistive Devices. Joan Lobo-Prat 14:46:00 14:49:00
A Novel Self-Aligning Mechanism to Decouple Force and Torques for a Planar Exoskeleton Joint Jack F. Schorsch 14:50:00 14:53:00
The Delft Cylinder Hand, design of a lightweight hydraulic hand prosthesis Gerwin Smit 14:54:00 14:57:00

Computer Integrated Devices – Tuesday Oct 8th 10:30-11:00

Computer Integrated Devices Presenter Begin time End time
Evaluation, Screening and Research Device: Nutrition, Undernutrition and Obesity Tiago Faustino Andrade 10:30:00 10:33:00
Intrauterine Navigation Using a Dynamic Range Camera for the Fetoscopic Treatment of Twin-to-twin Transfusion Syndrome. Suzanne Peeters 10:34:00 10:37:00
Differences in abdominal force between conventional and single port laparoscopy Siyu Sun 10:38:00 10:41:00
Design of a Rectal Probe for Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy Imaging for Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Monitoring Jouke Dijkstra 10:42:00 10:45:00
Optimizing imaging of cartilage defects in the ankle using ultrasound Aimee Kok 10:46:00 10:49:00
Micromechatronic Drive Concepts for Surgical Instruments Auguste Poelgeest 10:50:00 10:53:00
A Method for Contactless Measurement of the Human Eye Parameters by Fiber Optic Low Coherence Interferometry Christoph Kment 10:54:00 10:57:00

Interventional Robotic Devices – Tuesday Oct 8th 14:30-15:00

Interventional Robotic Devices Presenter Begin time End time
A Mechanical Drive System for Enhancing Flexible Endoscopy Kevin Cleary 14:30:00 14:33:00
A Dedicated 5 DoF MRI-Compatible Robot for Image Guided Prostate Intervention Longquan Chen 14:34:00 14:37:00
Robot-assisted needle steering by a cable driven tip actuator Nick J. van de Berg 14:38:00 14:41:00
Effects of needle reuse on puncture force characteristics Dennis J. van Gerwen 14:42:00 14:45:00
An Articulated Handle to Improve the Ergonomic Performance of Robotic Dextrous Instruments for Laparoscopic Surgery Benoit Herman 14:46:00 14:49:00
The Method for Minimizing the Rolling Joint Play in the Steerable Laparoscopic Instrument Prototype – DragonFlex Filip Jelinek 14:50:00 14:53:00

Hand Held Devices – Wednesday Oct 9th 10:30-11:00

Hand Held Devices Presenter Begin time End time
Disposable pulling force sensor for force measurements in surgical sutures Tim Horeman 10:30:00 10:33:00
Crown Cutter – The Impact of Tooth Quantity and Bevel Type on Tissue Deformation and Penetration Forces Filip Jelinek 10:34:00 10:37:00
Preliminary report: Design, Prototyping and Evaluation of a Trans-Vaginal Morcellator for Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Ewout Arkenbout 10:38:00 10:41:00
EndoPathController: a Manual Control Interface For Maneuverable Surgical Instruments Chunman Fan 10:42:00 10:45:00
Development of a Tool for Component Positioning in THA Surgeries Ashley Waring 10:46:00 10:49:00
Soft Pneumatic Gripper Device Chen-Hua Yeow 10:50:00 10:53:00
The Influence of Waterjet Diameter and Bone Structural Properties on the Efficiency of Pure Waterjet Drilling in Porcine Bone Steven den Dunnen 10:54:00 10:57:00
The Smooth SetOn Applier for Per-Anal Fistels Klaas de Vries 10:58:00 11:01:00

Interactive Free Paper session

Immediately after the Fast Forward session all presenters and the audience will move to the next room where a booth is available for each of the presenters of that session. In these interactive sessions with about 8 presenters, each will have space, a table, poster board, power supply etc available to them to demonstrate their development. We encourage you to bring as much as possible designs and prototypes on display. Note that in this session it is also possible to have more than one person presenting and demonstrating the developed technology. The duration of the interactive session will be one hour. In this hour the audience can visit the booths of their choice and have an in-depth discussion with the presenter.

Special Sessions

BioInspired Technology

Dimitra Dodou – Delft University of Technology
Paul Breedveld – Delft University of Technology
Johan L. van Leeuwen – Delft University of Technology
Bertus J.E. Beaumont – Wageningen UR
Anne S. Meyer – Delft University of Technology

Workflow Monitoring

Armin Schneider – Technische Universität München
John van den Dobbelsteen – Delft University of Technology
Dirk Wilhelm – Technische Universität München
Linda Wauben – Delft University of Technology
Annetje Guedon – Delft University of Technology
Sara Driessen – Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum
Tim Horeman – Delft University of Technology


Ton van der Steen – Erasmus MC
Gijs van Soest – Erasmus MC
Evelyn Regar – Erasmus MC
Martijn de Bruin – Academic Medical Center
Dirk Faber – Academic Medical Center

Human Factors

Edit Varga – Delft University of Technology
Cecile Cuijpers – Delft University of Technology
Anet Aselmaa – Delft University of Technology
Ajana Ramkumar – Delft University of Technology
Thomas Stüdeli – Switzerland
András Füzy – Delft University of Technology

IMDI – (International) developments in R&D collaboration

Moderators: Gerrit van Ark & Nick Guldemond, board members of IMDI.NL
16.15-16.20 Dutch developments, Gerrit van Ark – IMDI.NL
16.20-16.50 Translational R&D for medical technology – setup and experiences of competence center ACMIT, Gernot Kronreif – Austrian Center for Medical Information and Technology
16.50-17.20 Developments in public-private collaboration, Casper Garos – Philips Healthcare
17.20-17.45 European developments, Nick Guldemond – UMC Utrecht
17.45-18.10 Development of a monitoring and governance instrument, Gert Jan van der Wilt – UMC Nijmegen
18.10-18.15 Concluding Remarks, Nick Guldemond, IMDI.NL

Boston Scientific

Randy Schiestl
Ken Merdan

Keynotes and invited speakers

Nassir Navab, Technical Universität München (GE), “Computer Assisted Interventions: Challenges in design, development, validation and deployment of novel technologies”

Kaspar Althoefer, King’s College London (UK), “Soft robotics: A new approach for minimally invasive surgery”

Gernot Kronreif, Integrated Microsystems Austria (AU), “Interventional Robotics”

Michael Friebe, Technical Universität München (GE), “From Intraoperative Imaging to intraoperative Radiation Therapy under Imaging Guidance”

Arianna Menciassi, Scuola superiore Sant’Anna (I), “New Generation Robots for Endoluminal and Single Access Surgery”

Venkatesh Dubey, Bournemouth University (UK), “Towards Upper Arm Exoskeletons for Assistance and Training”

Robert-Jan van Geuns, Erasmus MC (NL), “Success of interventional cardiology due to improvements in medical devices”

Kevin Cleary, Children’s National Medical Center (USA), “Medical Device Development for Pediatrics”

Saurav Paul, University of Minnesota (USA), “Academia-Industry Partnership – Shifting the Paradigm in Medical Device Innovation”

Wouter van Furth, Academic Medical Centre (NL), “Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery – dependency on novel technology”